About Elite

Welcome to our little vape world!

We have a unique process to create delicious flavors and ultimately to manufacture top-quality e-liquid!
Six plus years in the making, our business is beginning to evolve and expand outside of vape so we can provide exciting and unique products despite the increasing political turmoil of our industry.
We are working dilligently to continue to support our customers mission and prepare to share the products of our team’s creative energy into the future.

Our Story

It all started when I was looking for better and better flavors of e-liquid. I would be lucky to find one that I could vape the entire bottle. I took matters into my own hands and after a couple years of developing recipes, sourcing ingredients, developing methods to increasingly get better and better results and excellent feedback from friends and family, I realized I had a business! We opened the first retail store in 2014, grew and built unforgettable connections with employees and developed new products and brands until Primus Vape Co was born. Wholesaling and distributing brought new challenges and triumphs and allowed us to invest in a larger facility and retail location and take our creative work to the next level.

We face new challenges with the regulation of our industry. We have found ourselves busy preparing for the future. But our long term goals are moving toward a future where we can continue to build connections and positive experiences by sharing our creations. We appreciate and look forward to any feedback and are grateful to all our customers and team members!


Please support CASAA and follow them to receive Calls to Action that connect directly to legislators and share your opinion on important state and federal legislation that affects our industry and your access and rights to vaping products.

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