In 2012, a hobby of mine, e-liquid and flavors, started becoming more of a passion/obsession. I was running around to the very few local vape shops trying and buying new flavors, all of whom at this time were only making their own. One weekend, I was tired of waiting for the shops to come out with something new or better, so I decided to try it myself. After some weeks, I had gathered nearly a hundred small flavorings and was just trying to make something that I liked myself. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was and time consuming it was, because the flavorings and what they smelled and tasted like were a completely different animal to tame once it was used to flavor e-liquid. Flavors could interact with eachother, override eachother, compliment or not compliment eachother, and once in a very rare mix, you would wind up with something really, really special. I kept tinkering and pushed through a lot of discouraging hours of failed attempts but the few awesome flavors I wound up creating were so, so rewarding. For the first time in my life, I was creating something that friends and even strangers loved. Side note, there were a lot of flavors I made that were not so loved! I think it was around that time when I realized that maybe this was something I should share with others, something that was challenging for me that I enjoyed doing and I could bring my passion to the market.

Looking back, I was a little crazy for jumping into this market with all the deeming regulations, but because of my passion for e-liquid and helping others, I was blessed to welcome into my life some amazing people who shared my passion and we have tirelessly been building Elite Vapor as a vehicle to bring our passion and socialness into the world. We are humbled by the love of our community and are truly grateful for the journey we have all been on together. I think that our customer service is really just a side-effect of who we are and what we love doing. Thank you for reading! I hope we have many more years together and I hope we have made enriched your life!


Jordan Bork